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PT in group coming soon! Starting on week 12


Elite Personal Training Centre, is now offering our members the opportunity to buy personal training for specific goal and target groups at a lower price than buying personal training on a one to one basis. These specific goal and target groups will vary from new beginners program to elite training programs. Each program is based on a monthly basis and consist of two 1hr training sessions per week so total is 8 sessions per month. The groups will consist of maximum 6 persons per group, this will ensure that our personal trainers will be able to give quality and results! Our team of trainers have been hand picked and have great competence in the areas of sport, health and fitness.




1. Weight and Fat Loss Program

This program will guarantee at least 5 kilos of weight loss and 3-5% body fat loss in one month. We will combine, condition training, with multi-functional strength training, core stability training, mental training and nutrition advice. The focus here is to increase the metabolic rate, shape and tone the body with lean muscle, improve blood circulation and conditioning as will working on the core to achieve a flat stomach

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. So hand in hand with good nutritional habits and good recovery, this program will be extremely effective for this goal group. The program is for a mixed group and available from 16 years old.

Price: 2500kr per person


2. “Get started” Program

This program is designed for males and females over 15 years old who want to get started with their training and wish to create healthier habits. We will work with a combination of  condition, strength training and functional exercises, and will learn the foundations for program planning and execution. We will even learn about preventive nutrition for health and fitness, and offer tips for creating realistic and practical training and/or meal plans that fit everyday life. With a personalized and practical approach, this program will provide our customers with the tools necessary to manage their training and fitness habits on their own, in a more effective, fun and safe way.

Price: 2500kr pp


3. Body Building Program

This program is designed for both males and females, the program will help you increase your muscle mass and build a solid foundation is one will like to compete in fitness or body building. We will combine these workouts with sports supplements from Swedish Supplements to ensure fast and effective results pre, during and post workouts. The focus of this program is to teach safe and effective program planning and program execution so that we eliminate the risk of injury or overtraining and get the group into peak physical shape.

Price: 3000kr  pp (includes a month supply of supplements)


4. Pre- During- Post Pregnancy Program

This program is purposely designed to assist women who are pregnant or have not managed to get back into shape post pregnancy. We work very specific with great functional exercises to assist females who are in one of the above two stages. We provide very good nutritional advice that is relevant to the stage of pregnancy of each client as will as providing a sound support system during a very emotional process. The main focus of this program is to maintain the clients health and fitness in order to have a safe delivery and effective recovery and transition both mentally and physically back into normal life.

Price: 2500kr pp


5. Family Fitness Program

This program is especially designed for families that want to learn how to train and improve their health and fitness together, and is always adapted to each family’s specific situation and lifestyle. During our gym sessions, we will work with a combination of  condition, strength training and functional exercises, learn the best techniques and approaches for training together with your children or teenage kids, and will even set the foundations for program planing. This program includes practical nutrition advice for families in the form of coaching sessions, worksheets and templates, convering topics such as healthy shopping, meal planing, meal preparation, and family-friendly healthy recipes among others.

Price: 5990 per family of 4 (or 1490 per person)


6. Senior Training Program

This training program is for males and females over 65 years old who want to improve their fitness level, stay strong, and/or prevent future health-related issues. Starting from a holistic approach to training and nutrition, we will work on strength, condition, balance, flexibilty and mobility, paying particular attention to functional exercises, and even inquiring into the fundaments of preventive nutrition. The participants in this program will enjoy the psychological and physical benefits of functional training, and will acquire the tools and skills they need to keep training safely and maintain their health and wellbeing.

Senior price: 2000 pp


PT SMALL GROUPS cannot replace the dynamics of individual personal training but it does offer other benefits such as training with family and friends with the same goals and also makes personal training  more cost effective to our members

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