About Us

Elite Personal Training Centre, is the first centre of its kind in Sweden, we open the doors to our first centre in August 2017 in the growing area of Sisjon in Gothenburg. We are all about delivering excellence, quality and great customer service in a very social and inspirational environment

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. We will have on our team, trainers who have great experience and knowledge, trainers who have worked all over the world, trainers who have worked with everyone from students to high profile celebrities and sports people
. At Elite Personal Training Centre, we want our members and clients to feel regenerated and revitalized after a visit to our health and fitness centre

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We have great partners who we will very closely with and we also have monthly happenings with guest speakers who are well established in their chosen fields, topics that range from nutrition and weight loss to pensions and stocks

You can workout by yourself, you can workout with a Personal Trainer, you can workout in a group, we have something for everyone and everyone is welcome. So join today and come and enjoy the great atmosphere and exciting motivational workout experience that you will receive from been a member of Elite Personal Training Centre.

We look forward to seeing you!

Team Elite

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