A Great Location To hire with a Great Atmosphere For you and your clients

A major part of our concept is to have excellent customer service and expert professional help onsite in regards to health, fitness, wellbeing, sport, education, rehab and relaxation
. Therefore we have opened up our centres to accept private companies, sole traders, sports teams who wish to have a great centre from which they can deliver high standards and customer satisfaction .


We have three different packages:

Package 1:

Off Peak Day 1: 07.00 – 15.00 Monday – Friday: 4000kr
250 business cards
2 Tshirts for Uniform
Free Membership
Website profile and marketing
Partner discounts

Package 2:

Off Peak Day 2: 07.00 – 15.00 Monday – Sunday: 6000kr
Same as package 1 plus:
Polar Heart Monitor
Caliper and Blood Pressure Kit
Bookeeping and Tax Return Advice

Package 3:

Unlimited access: 8000kr
Same as package 2 plus:
Simple Website Platform (WP)

All prices excl moms


Sports teams that which to hire our location on a daily basis have a few options

Option 1:

Daily rate 2000kr

Option 2:

10 sessions 1750kr per day

Option 3:

20 sessions 1500kr per day

For longer periods such a season card or yearly card, please contact our customer service department on…….who will help you further with your request

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All prices excl moms


For these types of events there is a flat fee of 3000kr per day

This includes access to the gym, showers and conference studio for up to 50 persons seated classroom style and 100 seated conference style, tables and chairs are provided

All prices excl moms

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